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Catering demands of buyers associated with HDPE Round Pipe, UPVC Tank Connector, LLDPE Tarpaulin, Colour Plastic Masterbatches, etc..

In 1997, we, Karan Polymers Pvt. Ltd., made its first move as a manufacturer and supplier of premium products such as UPVC Solvent Cement, Lapeta Pipe, Flex PVC Nylon Braided Hose, Ribbed Screen Pipes, etc. With the intention of dominating the competitive market, Shri Shyam Aggarwal founded this company. Our business has the best resources for designing and creating items that meet international standards. We are completely outfitted with cutting-edge equipment that offers the highest level of manufacturing precision with a quick turnaround. In order to understand our customers demands and provide them with the most practical solutions, our engineering staff coordinates with them. From the time raw materials are purchased until the completed product is shipped, strict quality control standards are followed.

Our registered office is located in Kolkata at 29, Stand Road, third floor, and our factory is located 15 kilometres outside of the city. The cargo is delivered swiftly because to its convenient closeness to all of the major ports, trains, and roadways. Our strong reputation and customer base have been built on the pillars of integrity, honesty, and professionalism. The seamless integration of process and function allows us to give our customers a meaningful return on their investment in real time.

Quality Policy 

We understand that every little thing matters and that every move has an effect. We aim for excellence in everything we do as a result. Our clients goods and services are guaranteed to adhere to international standards thanks to a well-defined quality management system. The process and products are periodically audited to make sure they adhere to the standards set by the regulating body. Our quality philosophy is based on the following principle:

  • Total commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Environmental preservation Demand Market Leadership Strive for Excellence
  • Long-term stakeholder growth

Manufacturing Excellence

We have a reputed manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art equipment and a highly qualified workforce. Our facilitys most current equipment deployments enable us to maintain strict delivery dates while maintaining a high level of production flexibility. Our internal laboratory is equipped with a variety of testing tools to ensure the quality of both the raw materials and the completed products. We regularly update our procedures and technology to meet the constantly changing demands of our global clients. It is the assistance of our manufacturing facilities that enabled us to produce Lapeta Pipe, UPVC Solvent Cement, Ribbed Screen Pipes, Flex PVC Nylon Braided Hose and a lot more products of flawless category.

Our Vision 

We have created a growth strategy that calls for rapid regional expansion, stronger brand positioning, and the adoption of best worldwide practises in order to provide our clients with top-notch service. Every policy is drafted to ensure that all parties, including society and the companys stakeholders, benefit.

ESSH Policy

The company follows the ESSH Policy, which has the following objectives:

  • Environment: We reduce pollution, use less resources, and safeguard the natural world.
  • Safety: We organize our tasks safely and maintain a secure working environment. We are responsible for the security of our visitors, our coworkers, and ourselves.
  • Health: We protect human health both inside and outside of our boundaries.
  • Compliance: We adhere to and satisfy all pertinent ESSH requirements.
  • Community: We maintain open channels of communication and strive to foster strong bonds with all of our stakeholders, including the DOE, our staff, and our neighbours.

The effectiveness of ESSH is constantly being enhanced.


We seek to assist clients and add value to their businesses by providing them with practical solutions that take into account their particular needs.

Group Profile 

Karan Polymers Pvt. Ltd., a recognized group of companies, has a wide range of commercial interests in the areas of hose, PVC pipes & fittings, industrial pipe fittings, polymers, and pipe fittings. We have grown stronger and stronger with a commitment to hard work and fulfilment. Our group companies are committed to providing their clients with the precise services they need while integrating activities and resources in a smooth manner. We actively invest in cutting-edge technologies and supportive human resources in order to address the challenges of the future. 

The organization is ideal for efficient day-to-day business administration, from R&D through production and testing to warehousing, distribution, and customer services. Our group company complies with international best practices to deliver the highest degree of customer satisfaction to clients worldwide. We make an effort to build a strong business relationship with our clients by providing them with top-notch products at the most affordable prices. As a result of our wide dealer network, we can reach clients in any part of the world.


We excel in the sector thanks to our understanding of the market and customer-focused philosophy. Providing top-notch goods and exceptional services is how we work to establish a long-lasting business relationship with our customers. To ensure customer satisfaction, our professionals have a history of going above and beyond standard company procedures.

Brand We Deal In

Karan is our manufacturing brand and Pankaj Super is our trading brand.
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